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to Do the Things You Need Done.  
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The Vital Skill Set You Need to Master Now For Getting the Help You Need Is...
Effective Hiring & Outsourcing

Extensive survey results show business owners, solo-preneurs, executives, and Human Resources (HR) unanimously hate interviewing and hiring. Underlying this discovery was found a lack of standardized systems for hiring. With no system, you won't know who to hire, how to hire, or if the candidate is even the right fit for the job. 

This fast, effective course solves that. Actual examples, rules, sample questions, checklists and invaluable basic solutions.

The Hiring Academy Crash Course stresses the fundamentals of interviewing to find the right candidate. Brought to you by #1 Bestselling Author and Hiring Expert David Lee Jensen, you'll learn exactly what to ask, how to ask it, and how to recognize great responses. When you learn exactly what it takes to find the right hire you will demand your team always follow these methods!

Bad hires cost time and money your business can’t afford. It's not just the time and money you're spending on bad hires. It's also the incredible amount of potential revenue you could be making with the right hires! With the wrong staff and outsourcing, that potential growth and revenue will never be realized. 

Something as simple as this course could save you thousands and earn you millions of dollars so that your business can thrive.

The Hiring Crash Course Is Your Fast and Effective Solution to Stress-Free Hiring Done Right. 
As Seen In:
Get More Done
You can't do it all yourself. You need help...the right help. We'll teach you how to find the exact right person who can help you get the job done. Reduce your stress and increase your profits.
10 Hiring Truths
These core fundamental training elements are for any business owner or HR executive to quickly learn the exact steps to take when hiring for your team. All in a systematic approach.
Start Implementing Now
Join our webinar and get the answers you’ve been looking for on how to know what the rules are to finding that exact correct fit and just how important it is to your bottom line profitability.
The Hiring Crash Course Expert Trainer

David Lee Jensen

Hiring Expert and entrepreneurial success, David has built several businesses to create billions of dollars in sales. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret. His core principles begin with hiring great people who share your vision.

He's also a successful speaker, consultant, and executive coach. He's been a guest on highly regarded podcasts, including I Love Marketing with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. David also writes for the Huffington Post, known as The Hiring Guru. With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, C-level executive, and consultant, he's developed keynotes and coaching programs to help individuals accelerate their growth and profitability.
The Hiring Crash Course Is Your Solution
For Finding the Help You Need Now.

Virtual Training in an Online Classroom
Ready For You!

Your online classroom is loaded with content; including 11 video lessons, each accompanied with written exercises and drills for mastery in your own business. The lessons are designed for easy implementation and you can apply what you learn immediately to see a positive result. 

All files are viewable on your computer, tablet, or smart-phone. The online classroom is a "learn at your own pace" environment, giving you the freedom to learn for mastery.

As a Hiring Crash Course Member, You'll Receive:
  • A Member's Only Virtual Classroom - Get instant access and learn at your own pace.
  • An Easy To Follow and Apply Curriculum- Follow the course syllabus and checksheet to ensure you're achieving 100% mastery.
  • The 10 Hiring Truths - Understand each of these truths to gain full confidence and ability in hiring the right person the first time, and every time.
  • Instant Application For Your Business - Gain full ability to understand and apply each lesson directly to your business today.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes - Learn how to identify great candidates and contractors from bad ones. You'll be able to assess how productive, trustworthy, and capable your candidates are even before the interview.
  • Outsource with Confidence - A bonus lesson will guide you through the best practices when hiring virtual employees or outsourcing. Learn how to protect yourself and ensure you get excellent service and production from your contractors.
  • BONUS: A free copy of The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret, David's Amazon #1 Bestseller. 
  • BONUS: Shannon's Master Training Video on Systemizing Your Business for Greater Success and Less Stress. 
Join Our VIP Level Program For Faster Implementation and Support
  • Private VIP Facebook Group - Connect, Collaborate, and Network with fellow entrepreneurs while getting additional support, coaching, and training from David and his connections. (Invaluable!)  
  • One-on-One Strategy Session - Enjoy a 45 minute strategy and implementation session with David. This is your time to handle the issues intimate to your own business. ($500 Value)
  • Implementation Video Coaching - Receive 4 additional coaching videos, one each week to assist you in implementing the lessons you're learning in the course. ($197 Value)
  • Plus More! - Our VIP's will also receive ongoing support and surprises. (Priceless!) 
"The Hiring Crash Course nailed it!  
Now I have confidence in hiring."
Todd Woods
Jamba Juice Franchisee
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